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Fiscal Agents provides products and services from Canada's leaders in financial money management. We make available deposits issued by member institutions of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or Assuris in the case of a Insurance compamy. Credit Unions in Ontario deposit Insurance is provided by DICO Credit unions in other provinces (here)

The Deposit Brokers "Interest Rate Bulletin" shows rates for more than one institution. Those rates are special and available only from a Deposit Broker, NOT from your local banking branch.

The Investment certificate/contract would be issued by one of the following:

Guaranteed Investment Certificates, RRIFs, RSPs Short and Long term deposits
Autoworkers Credit Union Effort Trust MCAN Mortgage Corp.
B2B Bank Equitable Bank Manulife Bank
Bridgewater Bank General Bank of Canada Meridian Credit Union
Buduchnist Credit Union Home Bank Momentum Credit Union
Canadian Western Trust Home Trust People's Trust
Community Trust IC Savings & Credit Union VersaBank
DUCA Credit Union Laurentian Bank Zag Bank

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