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Contents Insurance

How many of us can actually say that we review our contents insurance coverage on a regular basis? For better or worse, insurance of most types is one of those things in life that doesn't get afforded much attention until it is needed. Unfortunately, by then it is usually too late.

Chances are that when you originally bought your contents insurance policy, you probably took your most expensive possessions (jewelry, electronics, heirlooms) into consideration before deciding on the level of coverage of purchase. But what about the rest of your belongings that, while still important, may not have cost as much? What would it cost you to replace everyday items like the clothes and shoes in your wardrobe and the sheets on your bed? If your house or apartment was destroyed by fire, would you be able to put a dollar value on everything that you lost and would that dollar value be anywhere close to the amount of coverage that you presently have?

Use this list to help you take stock of the items you own that may require contents insurance. It has been designed to include many items that you may have overlooked, such as the contents of your kitchen cupboards, and will help you get a better idea of whether your current level of insurance is adequate.

If you should find your contents insurance coverage lacking, it may be wise to consider topping up your coverage before it is too late.

Click the view button at right to open this worksheet. From there, you can print it to use at your convenience.
Contents Insurance Checklist

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