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Fiscal Agents Financial Tools provides access to investment and planning calculators designed to assist you in exploring your financial options and opportunities.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or thinking of upgrading to the house of your dreams, be sure to take a look at our selection of Mortgage and Loan Calculators to get a better idea of the steps involved. Use the mortgage tools to calculate your mortgage payments or find out how to pay down your mortgage sooner than expected.

When it comes to planning for your financial future, we at Fiscal Agents believe that it doesn't have to be a difficult and complicated process. So what better place to begin your financial planning journey than with our selection of Personal Planners and Worksheets? Our Investor Tester quiz can help you determine your investment objectives and risk comfort level, giving you a better idea of the types of investments that are right for you. Also check out our Cornerstone® Household Directory of Documents, a record keeping tool that allows you to record important personal and financial information about you and your family.

The Savings & Investment Calculators provide up-to-date information in an easy to use format that can help you to make the most of your investment decisions. Learn the benefits of being an early investor and track the approximate annual growth of your existing investments to get a better view of your financial picture.

At Fiscal Agents, we know that planning for retirement can be an overwhelming experience but our Retirement Planning Calculators can help take away some of the confusion. Discover the benefits of investing in an RRSP and determine the amount you will need to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Check out our collection of Assets and Liabilities Worksheets to get a clearer picture of your current financial situation. Discover your net worth with our easy to use calculator, find out more about the costs of owning a home and use our Investor Tester to gain a better understanding of your investment objectives and risk comfort level.

Daily life has a habit of coming at us with unexpected twists and turns and this is where our other planner and calculators can come in handy. Whether you are setting goals for the immediate future, such as education, or planning for the future, these calculators may prove to be indispensable.

Retirement Planning Calculators
How Much Should You Be Saving For Retirement?
Adapted from the celebrated financial book "The Pension Puzzle" by Bruce Cohen, in a few short steps this calculator can provide you with an idea of the benefits or shortcomings of your present financial planning course.
RRIF Withdrawal Schedule Generator
Produce a year-by-year account of a Retirement Income Fund, listing the income earned and the annual payments.
Retirement Planner
Calculate the amount you will need to save to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
RRSP Rate and Return Comparison
Illustrates the accrued interest on 2 different rates with varying terms on various deposit levels, including real-world rates from our Money Centre.
Retirement Savings & Income Calculator
Show the regular RRSP contribution needed to achieve a specific retirement income.

Savings & Investments Calculators
Rate and Return Interest Calculator
Displays accrued interest on differing amounts of capital over specific amounts of time.
GICs Rate and Return Comparison
Illustrates the accrued interest on 2 different rates with varying terms and interest rates on various deposit levels.
Investments & Regular Deposits
Illustrate the annual growth of an investment using regular deposits.
Investments & Regular Deposits Comparison
Calculate and compare annual growth of three investment plans at one time.
Inflation Calculator
Find the inflated value over a period of time of an amount you specify.

Advantage of Early Investing
Discover the benefits of beginning a regular investment plan early in life.

Investment & Regular Withdrawals Comparison
Compare three investment plans utilizing the regular withdrawal method.
Short/Long Term Rate Comparison
Compare the returns of two fixed income investments of varying terms and rates.
Investments & Regular Withdrawals
Show the growth and income stream produced using regular withdrawals.

Mortgage & Loan Calculators

Mortgage Amortization Schedule Calculator
Illustrate the monthly payment schedule for mortgages of varying amounts.

Quick Mortgage Calculator
Calculate various aspects of your mortgage with with quick calculator.
Mortgage Debt Services Ratios Calculator
For mortgages, determine your gross debt service and total debt service ratio.
Home Ownership -What it costs
Determine the amount that you will need to own your dream home.
Mortgage Paydown Calculator
Determine the additional payment needed to pay off a mortgage earlier.
Rent or Sell a home planner
Illustrate the difference between renting a dwelling and owning a house.
Qualifying for a Mortgage Calculator
Determine the approximate mortgage amount that you would qualify for.

Personal Planners and Worksheets
Choosing a Guardian: A Few Points to Consider
You've decided to ask a relative or friend to become a guardian of your child(ren) in the event that something happens to you and/or your spouse. Noting the duties and responsibilities that are involved can be made easier by using this worksheet to record your wishes.
Identifying Your Goals
Illustrates how much money you will require to attain your future goals.
Investment Philosophy Score Card
Discover how to determine your investment objectives and risk comfort level by answering a few short questions.
The Cornerstone® Household Directory of Documents
The Cornerstone Household Directory of Documents is a record keeping tool designed to allow you to document important information about you and your family.

Total Debt Worksheet
Find out your current debt capacity and determine the amount of debt you currently owe in order to assess how well you are managing it.

Investment Philosophy Score Card: Manual Edition
Same as above, only in paper format.

Assets & Liabilities Worksheets
Adjusted Cost Base & Capital Gain / Loss Calculator
Find the ACB and list the capital gains or losses sustained from a series of trades you specify.

The MANAGER Net Worth Calculator
Calculate net worth using expenses, assets, liabilities, insurance etc. Now in a downloadable and editable PDF document.

Life insurance protection worksheet
Determine the amount of life insurance needed to provide for your dependents.

Net Income Calculator
Determine you monthly net income by calculating your monthly expenses.

Contents Insurance Checklist
Check to see if your present amount of coverage is sufficient for your home.

Note: Please keep in mind that these tools are not intended to provide investment advice. Financial decisions should not be made based solely on results from calculators found on the Internet. All examples are hypothetical and for illustrational purposes only. We make no representation or promises about the quality of the above linked calculators. Please consult your professional investment advisor to discuss your unique situation before making financial decisions.

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