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Retired Business person Investor/Saver
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5. What type of information are you looking for today on our site? (choose as many as are appropriate)
GIC/ Short term Deposit Rates How to contact us or an financial institution
Retirement Savings Planing tips More info on Fiscal Agents
Mortgage Loan information Money Management Newsletter
Mutual Funds Prices and Statistics Buy GIC Investment Certificates
Asset Allocation Guidance Debt reduction/consolidation programs
Consumer reports on financial services Make an Mortgage application
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) information Canada Savings Bonds Rates
Financial Planning Tools/Calculators Travel Insurance Quotes
Life Insurance & Disability benefits information Car Loan Rates
Estate Planning information Credit Card fees
Savings/Chequing Account Information Foreign Exchange Rates
Tax Information and Tax Planning Long distant telephone rates
Education savings plans Links to related sites

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Newspaper Article /Interest rates survey
Using an Internet Search Engine
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Using a link from another website
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I'm a client of Fiscal Agents/ referred here by an friend
Other (please specify) :

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10. Please rate possible future enhancements to our site according to importance.

1. Very Important
2. Important
3. Somewhat Important
4. Not at all Important
1 2 3 4 Securing a High Interest Rates on-line
1 2 3 4 Access to account statements
1 2 3 4 Mortgage applications
1 2 3 4 RRSP Transfers
1 2 3 4 Buy/Sell Mutual Funds
1 2 3 4 Buy Life Insurances
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1 2 3 4 Monthly E-mail newsletter
1 2 3 4 Receive notice of rate hikes
1 2 3 4 Mortgage rate quotes
1 2 3 4 Stock quotes
1 2 3 4 Investment Fund managers comments
1 2 3 4 Investor/Savings Tips
1 2 3 4 Receiving notices as the site is updated
1 2 3 4 Retirement Income Options

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