25 Reasons to have a Fiscal Agent
Will your bank tell you that another institution has better interest rates?
When was the last time you discussed your retirement concerns with an online discount trading site?
Online trading or financial portals can give you information but can they give you personal investment advice, provide access to expedience and knowledge.
Your mutual fund investment specialists knows more about those investments than what appears on a newswire feed.
Would a online trading account or the counter staff at the bank know what to do with your investments in the event of a family emergency?
It's a lot easier to ask questions of a financial advisor than to search through numerous web sites.
How can a online trading site know or care about how your tax status impacts your investments or retirement income?
Would you rather be a client with an account number or just an account number?
Can an online trading broker suggest unloading a investment that has run its course?
The focus of online brokerage sites rests primarily on what you trade and on making sure that their computers are up, running and collecting fees?
Will a online discount trading site ever properly explain why you should consider using the LIF option instead of a RIF or vice versa?
If a change in your employment suddenly alters your financial situation, would a web site know how to guide you?
When was the last time an online trading site listened to your concerns?
Our professional associates and account executives care about your long term prosperity, but can the same thing be said for a discount broker?
When does a discount broker recommended a cashable term certificate over a long term bond? Have you ever tried talking to a computer screen for the answer? Only people can care what you do and how you do it.
Has a bank teller or discount broker ever introduced you to a friend or business associate who can help you?
A Fiscal Agents advisor can help you develop a realistic plan, but can a online discount broker do the same?
A good advisor will tell you when not to sell. An online discount broker will take your sell order!
Does your online discount broker care about the needs of your family? Do they even know you have a family?
Your account manageris trained on how to explain why certain mutual fund investments, deposits or insurance products fit into your portfolio.
Your account manager can help you understand the concept and implications of risk.
Fiscal Agents staff have insights into a wide range of products and services that you will never see on an online trading site.
Your Advisor spends his or her working day interpreting what the experts are saying and doing for the sole purpose of looking out for your best interest.
Your Fiscal Agents representative will contact you when new and important information arises that could have an impact on your investments.
Fiscal Agents are uniquely qualified® and committed to keeping on top of the ever changing market place. They attend educational seminars, analyze new products and determine how they would impact your investments and your financial circumstances.